It’s hard making that final decision.

I have lost three in the last 4 years, and as devastating it has been, and as guilty as I will always feel, I think, I hope, I made the right decision for them. I think I did.
With Tati, I knew that I would not have her for long, and actually, I had her longer than the vets had predicted. She was a couple of months shy of 5 years old. But, because of her FeLV status, she developed a tumor in her lung and her lungs were filling with fluid. I had the alternative of continually bringing her in to drain the fluid from her lungs regularly, and she was starting to have days when she didn’t want to eat. I never wanted her to suffer and I let her go.
With Vlad, I live with the regret and guilt that I put him through so much. I just wanted to keep him alive. I didn’t want to say, “I should have tried this or that.” I wanted to give him every conceivable change to get better. The night he died, I left him overnight with the hopes that if he was able to rally we would try one more thing. I lost him that very night. I couldn’t be with him, and not being able to hold him in his final moments is something I will never forgive myself for. I am thankful that his vet called me and held the phone to his ear so that I could talk to him. If I had it to do over, I would have let him go that night before I left, even though I would have been there alone, at least I would have held him.
With Czari, it was a shock to me. It all came so suddenly, but when I found out how difficult surgery would be for a cat her age, then the recovery, and then to hear that her xrays showed a dark patch in her brain, I knew. She’d already spent two weeks suffering and in pain. I had to let her go.
I hope and pray I don’t have to make a decision this hard again for a very long time.
I’ve linked this article as it has some good information and hopefully will help some of you out there. Knowing the right time to say goodbye to a pet