Getting back into this.

Wow!  I didn’t realize I had been gone so long.  I originally created this to have a place to write and connect with people.  Somewhere along the way I just left this by the wayside.  My last real post was back in 2014 and then I posted an article in 2017.

A lot has changed.

During the Christmas holidays of 2014, I was fired from a job I’d been at for nearly 11 years.  My boss was always an asshole, but this time he really made it obvious.  I was able to find another job in May of 2015 thankfully.   Then in August of the same year, I said goodbye to Tati, my sweet little FeLV kitty.  She almost made it to 5, and I am thankful she lived as long as she did.  Cats with her disease don’t live much past 2 or 3.

Sadly, I also lost the love of my life in November of the same year.  Vlad crossed the bridge after suffering from a blood disease for nearly a year.  I miss him so very much.  He was my soul mate and it hurts more because I was unable to be there for him in the end.  They called me from the vet’s office and there was no time for me to get there.  But my voice was the last voice he heard as he left this world, and I am grateful that at least I have that.

During that time I had moved to a new place.  A very small place, actually, it’s a master bedroom suite.  It’s a section of a house closed off.  It’s the only place I was able to find that I could afford and the only place that allowed me to have all of my cats and my dog, and for that, I am extremely grateful as well.

This journey has been difficult and at times I have felt very alone.  My health is not the best right now.  I am dealing with uncontrolled asthma and it’s no fun.  I’ve been taking prednisone now since December of 2017 and my face looks like a basketball.  It’s swollen as is my neck and shoulders.  Just one of the side-effects.  Oh, and I’m losing my hair so yay fun.

Another big change in my life is I have decided to explore more my spiritual self.  Organized religion is something I never felt comfortable with completely, and have always felt the call of the old ways.  Witchcraft, yeah, those old ways.

This exploration has given me a new positivity.  I feel like myself finally and I am able to create my own way.  This is not to say that I have stopped believing in many of my Catholic/Christian beliefs, but I just added a few other beliefs. Like I said, I have never totally felt comfortable with organized religion and often believed several different things at the same time, merging it all in my head and making my own way.

This blog is taking a new direction and will include so many different, new and some old things.  I still want to review food, talk about my pets, post my art, and generally bitch and moan about shit.  But, I’ll also be adding some new things.

This is my journey and you are welcome to tag along. If not that’s okay, best of luck to you on your own journey.  Oh, and no, I am not going to hell but thanks for thinking of me.

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