Too many reminders of how short life is.

I was sitting at my computer this morning, going through my Facebook News Feed as I do every morning before I set to work.  I came across a page I follow.  I follow a lot of pet pages.  Many of these pets are former abused, neglected and/or have medical issues.  The people have these pages for their pets to celebrate these pets, and bring awareness to the cause of special needs pets.  One pet was Rosie, from Everything Rosie.  Rosie died last night, she succumbed to pneumonia.  Rosie was a puppy-mill survivor.  Her mom gave her an amazing life and her last years were nothing but happy, I’m sure of it.  This little dog was loved beyond belief.

Last month it was Wallace the Pit bull, then this week it was Rufus the Cancer pit bull.  Then I read on another page another pet is sick and not doing well, and a friend’s cat died suddenly this week also.

I’m just very sad now.  All I want is to be home with my furries.  I pray they all know how much I love them.

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