You don’t get to dictate!

Aha, I bet that caught your attention, eh?  I’ve been wanting to say something about what I’ve observed lately on some Facebook pages.  I belong to some pages which are created by the pet-parents of some special needs dogs.  One woman in particular has an Etsy shop, in which she creates and sells jewelry.  I’ve seen her jewelry and she is a very talented woman.  She sells her items at a great price, and sometimes she just does auctions.  Now, this woman isn’t hiding the fact she sells her things in order to raise funds to take care of her little dog, who again, is special needs.

Not long ago, some people were giving her grief.  By that I mean, actively telling her she’s robbing people of their money and how dare she use that money for her pet.

Okay, excuse me? I find that in incredibly bad taste.  When you buy something, it’s none of your business what the person you bought the item or service from uses that money for.  You received your product or service, it’s an even exchange.  That’s it, end of story.

Do you tell Pfizer what to do with the money they get from Viagra?  No!  You got your boner, so go on your way.

Do you tell Krispy Kreme how to spend the money from all those glazed donuts you buy?  No!  You got your sugar rush now go on your way.

The fact that this woman sells her jewelry to pay for her dogs care is none of anyone’s business!  Yes, if she just came out and asked for money and didn’t give anything in return, I could see that you might say, “Okay you are asking me for charity, you better be using this money for what you say it’s for.”  But no, she’s selling something, and you are getting something really beautiful.

This bothers me to high heaven, that people continually think they get to dictate what others do.

You don’t!  Live your life and leave everyone else to live theirs.

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