I live with animals!

Last night, as I was laying in bed, my iPhone in one hand playing Words with Friends, and my remote in the other as I raised the volume on Storage Wars, I realized, “I live with animals!” To my left, on the nightstand lay Czarina on a pillow. At my feet lay Kiska, and Maks. To my left side Sofie, who had just wiggled her way to comfort. Oksana was on the dresser watching as Vlad walked across the room and contemplated either jumping up onto the bed.

In that moment I became amused to no end. Think about it. Here you have these little lives. They’re all furry, have sharp nails and VERY sharp teeth. They eat in your kitchen and most of the time sleep on your bed, and they’re animals. Yes, to me my cats and dog are just as important as someone’s child is to them. These ARE my children, they have feelings and they all have their own distinct personalities. They are intelligent little beings, but yes they are animals and they are in my house! I think that’s just the coolest of things.