Sonia Kashuk cosmetics

I’ve been searching for a cruelty free cosmetic line ever since I found out Clinique (who I had been using at the time) Mary Kay, and Avon were no longer cruelty free. It turns out they have been trying to sell their products in China, and the Chinese government will not allow any products used for personal care to be sold unless they have been tested first…on animals. So, hearing this news I began looking for a company, that was not only cruelty free, it’s suppliers cruelty free, AND reasonably priced!

There are several great options out there. Urban Decay and Hard Candy, are two such companies.  I had decided to get some things at Target and thought I’d check out Sonia Kashuk, since I knew this line is sold there.  Imagine my extreme surprise when I found out that not only are all of Sonia Kashuk cosmetics are cruelty free, but so are their suppliers as well as their make-up brushes.

I wound up buying some concealer, and I have to say I’m thrilled with it.  It actually covers better than the Clinque I had been using, and was almost three times less expensive.  My next purchase will be foundation.  There are a couple of colors that look like a good match for  my skin, and I’ll also get some blush.  I think I’m going to be very happy with this.

I give Sonia Kashuk 4 tuna cans – This stuff rocks!

So Delicious Dairy Free

As many of you know, I am a vegetarian.  I do eat eggs and dairy products.  But, yet again, in an effort to live cruelty free, I am always looking for alternatives.  For a time I was drinking soy milk only, but I stopped after reading some articles linking soy products to cancer.  I still eat soy, but not as much as I used to.  I’ve been buying Rice Milk, which I like if I’m having say, milk and cookies.  But for cereal I like to use So Delicious Dairy Free.  like the taste, but for me, it’s too rich to drink alone. I hadn’t tried the ice-cream, but yesterday I decided to give it a go in the hopes of this being another product I can buy to replace dairy ice-cream.

Here’s what I tried:

Since I bought this at the supermarket, they didn’t have the varied selection a place like Whole Foods may, so really my choices were limited to Vanilla Bean, Cookie dough, and Chocolate.  Of course, I chose chocolate.  You can’t go wrong with chocolate…usually.  I was pleasantly pleased with this.  It was actually much creamier than I thought it would be.  Originally I thought it might be the consistency of say a sorbet or something similar, which I really don’t like, but it wasn’t!  It didn’t have as chocolaty a flavor as I would have liked, but it was still very good, and it had a hint of coconut taste, which was expected.  This product is soy free and dairy free, and they have a couple of flavors that are gluten free as well as no sugar added flavors.  There are also some Almond milk varieties, which I’ll have to look for as well.

All in all, I was quite happy and I give this 4 tuna cans – This stuff rocks!


Seventh Generation

As I slowly move toward being more environmentally conscious as well as buying cruelty free products, I’ve been looking for companies that offer products that I use daily.  They’re out there, but sometimes they are very expensive.  While I hate for money to  be the deciding factor on how green I am, these days I unfortunately have to count the pennies.

However, every now and then I’m surprised you don’t always have to break the bank to do the right thing. I needed some dish-washing liquid, and so I decided I’d look in my supermarket’s “Greenwise” section . I love this section because it has a lot of products that are either organic, vegetarian/vegan and of course, GREEN!

I was specifically looking for Seventh Generation, because when I downloaded the Leaping Bunny app to my iPhone, it listed them as a no cruelty company, but they weren’t on the shelf.  So, I looked through the cleaning section and picked out a dish-washing liquid that had the Leaping Bunny logo, put it in my basket and went on my way to look for some ice-cream. On my way to the back of the store, I passed the isle with all the regular cleaners and air freshers and decided to look there.  It turns out they had the Seventh Generation products there, which I thought was odd, but hey who am I to judge their stocking system.  Turns out this stuff was $1.00 cheaper than the one I originally picked up, and of course upon lifting the little tab on the back label, there was that lovely bunny.

Here’s the one I bought:


The scent is very nice, not too overpowering, and you really don’t need a huge amount either.   And the dishes felt squeaky clean with just one wipe.  My usual cleaner doesn’t do that which really now that I think about it is kind of gross.  Makes me think they weren’t being cleaned that well before.  Yeesh!  I mean, I know the gang and Sofie haven’t complained, but hey maybe they have!

I’m very happy with this.  Next time I’ll be checking out their paper products and garbage bags.  If their other products are as good as this one in quality, I believe this is the start of a wonderful relationship!


I’m giving this a rating of: 4 Tuna Cans! Not just because of the quality and price, but because this company really gets it! You don’t have to harm or kill animals to make a good product and make money, and you can still be kind to the environment!