This is me.

This me. Next month I’ll be 45 years old. I still feel like I’m in High School, except I’m a little wiser and a few pounds heavier. I’ve got a few more wrinkles, but not many. I’ve seen things I wish I never have, and done things I wish I never have, but they are all inside my head, and are part of what built my character today. I don’t totally think I look like my mother or my father, but a nice mix of both of them. Never had kids, don’t really think I ever really wanted them for me, but at times thought it was society wanted me to do. But, society doesn’t dictate my entire life, I still make some decisions. Some good, some bad, but all are a part of me and have made me who I am today. Who am I? I am a woman with fears, hopes and dreams. I love my brother and father more than words can say. I am a militant animal lover and I will walk into the fires of hell to protect my furry babies. I will scream and fight to protect an animal from being abused. I will always fight for the little guy, because I am one of the little guys. I could not have said this when I was 15, but I can say it now. This is me at 45.

Morningstar Farms “Veggie Hot dogs”

I’m always looking for different meat substitutes, whether meatless burgers, cold-cuts or hot dogs and sausages.  Finding a really good tasting hot dog type product has been the hardest.  I have tried some good chorizo and sausage type products, but hot dogs, not so much.

This past week I saw a new product from Morningstar Farms which was a hot dog.  I was sooooo excited because I used to love eating hot dogs. I finally made them yesterday and they were deeply disappointing.  So many times people describe food like this as tasting like cardboard.  I wish!  Hell, I’d love to say they tasted awful, but that would imply they actually had flavor.  Really, they tasted like nothing.  The most flavor in my meal was the bun and the mustard.

I will NOT be buying these again. This gets a litter box rating of 4!  Blah!