Zicam – Allergy Relief – Product review

I have allergies. I have seasonal allergies and I’m also allergic to cats and dogs. For the record, I did not become allergic to my cats or dog after I had them, I was well aware of my allergy to them BEFORE I brought them into my life. But, at the time, I had insurance and was taking allergy medication that I needed anyway, so bringing these fur babies into my home was not a big deal.

Today, I have no insurance, and have to pay for my medication without the luxury of a copayment. Because of this, I try to find over the counter medications to get me by until I can afford to fill my prescription. I can only do this with allergy medication, because my asthma medication has no OTC substitute. Yes, I have asthma and have pets. Surprised? Well, not everyone uses the old “I have allergies” to dump their pets. Some of us actually love them and deal with a little discomfort. But, I digress.

I ran out of my generic nasal spray, and until next pay day I have to resort to the OTC stuff. Right now I’m trying the Zicam Allergy Relief nasal gel. I’m not thrilled. Call me crazy, but is it too much to think this will actually work while I’m at home, WITH my pets? I’m at work now, and even though I’m still sniffling and sneezing, it’s not bad. My nasal passages are somewhat clear. But while I’m home, where the actual allergy is hitting me full throttle, nothing. There are moments when I sneeze for several minutes non-stop. Is it just me? Am I the only one this stuff doesn’t work on? I use so many of these over the counter products and they never seem to work.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t expect this to work as well as my prescription medication, but I would have thought it would have at least given me some relief! At the very least cut down on the stuffy nose!

$12.00 down the drain as far as I’m concerned. They won’t be getting another twelve from me any time soon.

Sorry, Zicam. You get a 2 out of 4 litter box rating from me this time. I didn’t give it a worse rating only because at least at work I’m clear.

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