Amy’s Curried Lentil soup

Sounds good huh? Yeah, well don’t let the name fool you. I had spent most of my afternoon thinking about having soup for dinner. After leaving work, I went to Whole Foods, thinking I’d have less trouble finding a good vegan/vegetarian soup. True, I had no trouble finding several that looked very appetizing, this one actually making my mouth water. It’s been raining all day here and the prospect of spending a dreary Halloween evening having a delicious curried soup was just enough to make driving home in the rain actually not too terrible.

After feeding The Gang and Sofie, I readied my special soup bowl and toasted some bread. As soon as I opened the can, it wasn’t my mouth that was watering it was my eyes. What the hell? Okay, I know the can says curried, so I deal. After a three minute nuke, and some butter on my toast, I sit in front of the TV, turn on The Thing and take my first spoonful!

Wow! What a disappointment. I mean, it was just meh. Warm soup with lentils, some pieces of chick peas and a bowl full of bland. I suppose I could have added some salt and pepper, but for Pete’s sake, it’s a curried soup! I don’t know about you but to me that means FLAVORAMA! I wound up using it as a dip for my buttered toast and just poured the rest down the drain.

I hate when you eat something you were so looking forward too and it just doesn’t deliver. I feel so cheated! Like I was totally screwed out of my dinner, and since I already ate something I can’t make something else because then I’d feel like a total pig!

My only saving grace will be the chocolate ice-cream I’m going to have in about five minutes! At least I know THAT won’t disappoint. Chocolate ice-cream never does.

Happy Howl-loween!

As many of my friends know, this is undoubtedly one of my favorite if not THE favorite of holidays for me. I’ve always enjoyed Halloween, and continue to do so. This year is particularly fun for me because I was able to take my dog Sofie to her very first ever Halloween party! I’ve only had Sofie since April of this year and she’d never really done anything like dressing up or being around other dogs!

Saturday evening we went to a Halloween party being given by the shop where I take her to be groomed. It’s a lovely little store actually. It’s called . There were plenty of other small dogs of all sorts. A couple of Westies, a Pom, a Maltese and 4 other Yorkies! Sofie is still pretty shy around other dogs, but I think she had fun. And she even won Scariest Costume. LOL, as you can see, there is nothing scary about her costume, but she didn’t fall into the other categories and they made it so that every dog got a prize.

At the end of the party we drove home in a horrible rain storm! I hate driving at night, and worse, on a rainy night! But we made it home in one piece and were happy to spend the rest of the evening with The Gang.

One of the most interesting things I love about this holiday is hearing about true ghost stories. I’ve never really had many incidents happen to me. I do now and then see out of the corner of my eye what looks like a cat pass by, or feel something on the bed, when no kitty is around. And once I did see Maks go into the bathroom, only to follow and find Maks was nowhere upstairs! The only time I’ve ever felt afraid to be somewhere was many years ago, I think I must have been 9 or 10, we lived in a house in Michigan that to me was one of the scariest places for me.

When we first moved in, I went into the basement, and walked to the room that was directly under my bedroom. I stood at the doorway of this room, which was unfinished, as the rest of the basement, and there was dirt in the corner. As I started to walk into the room, something compelled me to just turn around and leave. I couldn’t walk into that room, and instead did indeed turn around and hauled ass up the stairs. I remember many evenings not being able to sleep, and once even had to wake my mother up and ask her to please sleep with me because I was so afraid to be alone in that room. I never saw anything in that house, but I’ve never in my life before or since been so afraid to sleep at night anywhere as I felt in that house.

Today, I think the plan is to just hang out at home and hand out treats to any trick-or-treaters that may come by. Hopefully, there will be plenty of spooky movies to put us in the mood to enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Of course, to anyone out there with pets, PLEASE keep them inside. Especially your cats. It’s a cruel world, and on this night it is especially dangerous for cats.

Stay safe! Happy Halloween!