Heavy Doodie

I’m relatively new to dog ownership.  I had a dog in high school, but he was more my brother’s dog and he took care of him.  But Sofie is my Yorkie who I’ve had since April of this year.

Last night, I developed this searing pain in my neck and shoulder.  I think I must have pulled a muscle while bringing in some groceries.  Really, it was a huge bag filled with 48 cans of cat food.  I’d slung it over my shoulder not thinking it may not have been a good idea.  So, last night, the pain was just unbearable.  I managed to trudge through the heavy downpour to the CVS across from where I live and got some pain pills and one of those heat patches.

Sofie and my gang (the cats) usually sleep with me.  But Sofie is a notorious bed hog.  She’s around 12 inches long and weighs all of 5-6 pounds, yet she loves to kick me until I move so that she can have as much of the bed as she can get.  I just wanted a good nights sleep last night, so I decided she’d sleep in her crate.  Now, I’ve always heard and read from other people who do own dogs that dogs don’t poo or pee where they sleep or eat.  Sofie obviously didn’t get that memo.

I woke up this morning to find not only her pee pad playing host to the brown smelly guests, but her bed!  She’d actually slept on a big pile of poop!  Gah!  I have no idea when she did this, but seeing as it was all still…soft it was likely pretty near the time I woke up.  I had no time to wash her off, so I took one of her wipes and wiped her down. When I get home she’ll have a nice bath!

I don’t know why she did that.  I know why she may have peed, since last night she would only go once before bedtime.  It was raining, and she usually goes twice outside, but only wanted to go once.  I’d set out a pee pad for her when we came inside and she pooped on it, but that’s it.  That’s another reason I put her to sleep in her crate.  I wasn’t in the mood to clean up any accidents on the bed.  It’s funny, when I first got her she wasn’t house-trained.  So she peed inside all the time.  Then I got her to use the pads.  Now that I need her to use the pads when it rains she won’t go on them!

I swear, between this little dog and my cats, I think I’m going to go insane.  That is, if they don’t kill me first.  I’ve almost fallen over Maks and Czari twice!  Czari has a habit of sitting right behind me when I’m at the sink, and Maks loves to walk right in front of me while I’m walking.  If I didn’t know better I’d this this was all part of some elaborate plot to knock me off.  But I’d like to think they’d know better.  As smart as they are, the fine art of opening cans isn’t something they’ve mastered.

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