I'm in such a rut!

I really wish I had another option in the job department.  I’m grateful to even have a job, I just wish I had another job.  Something I liked, something I wasn’t so bored with, something that really would make a difference somehow.

I might be able to find something like that, but the problem is, no way would I be able to support myself on the salary.  I make pretty decent money, and that’s only because my boss and I have been working together for so long and he trusts me with the business.  So much so I’ve got signing rights on the company bank account and access even to his own personal bank account.

He’s a douche-bag, but he’s a trusting douche-bag.  I’d never find another job that would pay me this much, without a college degree and entry level.

My ideal job?  Working in some way with animals.  I’d love that.  Or doing something creative.  I don’t know what, but something lol.

Oy, what I need is to win the damned lottery!  Riiiiiight.  What are the odds?

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