Who needs a plumber, I've got diapers!

Yes, you read right, diapers.

Ever since I moved into this apartment, the sink in my bathroom had a very slow drain.  I don’t really use the sink much, since I brush my teeth and wash my face in the shower.  Last Sunday, I got some hair dye in the sink, so I tried to wash it off and the water wouldn’t go down.  I poured Liquid Plumber AND Drano.  Nothing.  That fucking water didn’t budge.

Today I’d had it.  I’ve had the gangs upstairs litter box out of the bathroom, and kept the door closed.  I didn’t want them to get into that sink.  The smell of the chemicals and stagnant water was starting to creep down the stairs.  My only option was to unscrew the pipe under the sink.  Um, no.  I’ve done that before, a few years ago when I dropped my contact lens down the sink.  I found the lens, but the mess was gross.

I decided, okay, I’ll get a turkey baster, suck the water out and clean the sink and plug it.  Went to the Ross across the street, no turkey baster.  Went to CVS which is next door, nothing.  I walked around for a while, then it hit me.  Really, it literally hit me.  They were stocking up the diapers and a couple of the packages fell off the shelf and on me.  Hey, if diapers can soak up pee while a baby sleeps then it can suck up the water in the sink!  Yes, I could have used tampons or pads, but the diapers were on sale.

Well, I bought the diapers, came home, put on some rubber gloves and 10 diapers later, the water is gone BABY!!!!  YEAH!!!!!  Believe me, the diapers were way less messy than taking those pipes apart.

5 thoughts on “Who needs a plumber, I've got diapers!

  1. LOL, desperation more like it. That chemical smell was driving me nuts and making me sick. An inexpensive fix for a huge pain in the ass.


    • June, I didn’t want to have to wait for my landlord to either get his dad to come over or get a plumber. Diapers was easier. 🙂


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