The gangs vet is leaving!

I’m so upset.  I go to a clinic that has various vets.  It’s a wonderful 24 hour facility.  I usually take the gang to one particular vet, she’s amazing!  I love this woman.  She’s so nice, and is so caring and gentle with my cats, and her other patients.  She’s also always been so open to different treatment options and is so patient with me when I ask her questions.  She’s been seeing all of my gang since they were wee things.

She’s leaving to take care of her mother in California, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  She told me this past Thursday, when I took Maks and Kiska in for their yearly wellness exams.  She told me that she hopes to come back, once she knows her mom is doing well and will be okay with her treatment.

I can’t tell you how sad I am.  I feel bad that her mom has cancer and really hope she gets better.  But I hate the thought of her not being my gangs vet.  I hope it’s just temporary.  I can’t tell you how hard it is finding a really good, caring vet.

There is another vet that works there I like.  She’s seen a couple of my cats when I haven’t been able to wait for their vet to be on the work schedule.  This lady is very nice and I had always thought she would be the second choice for my gang, and of course now that Dr. Wenzl is leaving I guess the gang will start seeing her.

I’ve also got Oksana not feeling well.  She’s got cystitis again, and seeing as this is like the 3rd time in as many as 6-8 months, I am coming to the conclusion that it may be “idiopathic cystitis.”  Which means that she gets the usual signs, and swelling in her bladder, but there is no infection/bacteria to speak of so the cause is not totally known.  This is triggered by a few things, two of which are stress and anxiety.  I totally believe this is the issue.

Oksana is forever dealing with Vlad’s bullying.  To be clear, Vlad bullies, or tries to bully the others as well.  But, Maks submits to him, Czari swats at him and Kiska fights back.  Oksana doesn’t do any of that.  She will cower on her back, paws up, nails out and hisses and screams.  This of course eggs Vlad on.  If she fought back like the other girls, he’d pretty much walk away.  I’ve decided to try medication for anxiety.   I think if she is less stressed out, she will be more relaxed and even possibly stand up for herself.  I’m really hoping so because I hate knowing she’s in pain.

2 thoughts on “The gangs vet is leaving!

    • I hope so too. She’s just such a fantastic doctor.

      I think she’s going to be there until maybe the end of May, so I left a note to have her call me. We’ve discussed possibly putting Oksana on some kind of anxiety medication. Until then, I picked up some antibiotics, to help ease her bladder and I’m going to give her some xanax I had for Vlad for when I take him to the vet.


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