A sacrifice? Really?

I decided to try a new dating site.  I figured, maybe I need to change sites and give a whole new group of freaks the chance to get to know me.

I spoke to one of the guys that sent me an email yesterday.  Seemed like a normal guy.  Key word, seemed.

I’m all for getting to know someone over the phone, talking and sort of finding out what the person likes and doesn’t like.  But this guy was just creeping me out big time.

When was the last time you had a boyfriend.  When was your last date?  Do you think you’re ready for a boyfriend?  Do you like affectionate men?  Are you affectionate? What are you doing tonight?  What do you watch on TV?  What do you do when you get home?  What are you doing tomorrow?  What are you doing after that?  AAAHHH!!!!!!!

It was one question after another! I didn’t have a chance to hardly ask him anything because of his incessant question asking!  Then at one point, he asked me if I liked fish.  Well, I told him I was a vegetarian, it says so in my profile.  Then he says “oh, that’s right, I think I read that in your profile.  That’s odd, I’ve never meet an animal lover that was a vegetarian.”


I’m like, “Uh, yeah most vegetarians are animal lovers.  It’s the suffering that we don’t like.  I don’t want to be part of an animal suffering because I want them on my plate. ”  I said.  Then, it got weird.  He says it’s a sacrifice.  Yep, that’s what he said.  Then I say, “A sacrifice would be if they gave their lives willingly, and I highly doubt any of those animals know they are going to be served poached or grilled with some basmati rice on the side.”  He tells me, “No, not the animals, I meant me.”  By this time I thought maybe I was on some radio show and this was a big joke.  Then I remembered, I had called him.  So I asked, “You mean, you consider it a sacrifice for you to eat meat?”  He said, “Yes, after all, God didn’t feed the masses with just bread, he gave them fish.”

Yeah.  So what did I say to that?  “I’m driving into the Target parking lot, can I call you later?”

No, I didn’t call him later, as a matter of fact, he’s on my phone’s reject list.  I still haven’t listened to the message he left me last night, I doubt I will.  FUUUUCK!

4 thoughts on “A sacrifice? Really?

  1. OMG, are you okay?? Look, you’ve got my number on FB, if you need to call and talk or something, please do so. I’m thinking regardless that this guy’s got a few issues and doesn’t seem to be able to communicate a clear point when he’s emailing OR talking for that matter. Eek.

    I understand someone asking when the last time you dated was. I’D ask that myself of a potential date because you don’t want to scare them off if they’ve not dated in awhile and maybe a few dating customs have changed, and I would, in return, appreciate that same courtesy for the same reasons, because let’s face it, dating trends and what’s considered acceptable, etc. DO change every now and then. But asking a woman you barely know if she likes affectionate men could translate to a few things like, : “Will you be my mommy? I need a hug. A LOT”, or “I want to fuck you on the first date. A LOT”, to “Rapist Seeking Next Victim”…..that could just be me, though. The animals versus vegetarians comment was just dull imo. Most vegetarians are so because of health reasons or they’re what’s called ethical vegetarians, which is where they do it out of a want for not hurting animals by eating them. So where he’d think that vegetarians were NOT likers of animalkind on some level is beyond me….that sounded kind of snarky to me.

    Hey, I wondered: maybe you ought to take a dating site break? Maybe it’s time to invest 100% in that fantastic lady we all call Nuria. Save up, take a day trip somewhere, give yourself lots of pampering and attention….make up, fingernails, toenails, from hair to feet just adore yourself and take a break from the creepy creepies online. And no, I’m not saying because you keep meeting creeps that you suck and should give up, LOL….I’d never say that, because it simply isn’t true. But until Mr. Worthy comes along, why not give your peace of mind a break and just enjoy basking in the wonderful yayness of Nuria? I would 🙂


  2. Oh, I’m fine. LOL, you know at one point, I just said to him, “I don’t like needy people.” I started to get the feeling he was one of those guys, that would call you constantly. And if you didn’t answer the phone, he’d ask you a million questions. You know, the kind that you can’t even take a dump without him asking how many times you wiped.

    Oh, and I left out the part that he’s unemployed!

    I’m leaving things open though as far as these dating sites. I’m concentrating on myself and trying to feel better about how I look. I’m actually glad I’m doing the dating sites now, and not say like 5 or 10 years ago. I’m more comfortable with being single now than I was back then.


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