Work and Walking!

We lost a division of our largest client because they want to implement some union plan.  We still have the other division, but I have a feeling come October, they will be gone too and that’s seriously going to affect our business.

My boss has finally been getting out there to prospect for business, but the economy is so bad, nobody wants to do anything regarding their insurance.  And with the whole health overhaul, nobody really knows how it’s going to affect the way insurance companies work, so another reason businesses aren’t doing anything.

So, now my boss is scrambling.  He’s trying to find ways to cut back.  Our monthly expenses are about $20K.  Now, let me say my monthly pay doesn’t even put a dent in that.  A big chunk of that is taxes.  Since my boss pays on estimated taxes or something of that nature, the taxes for the company are over $8,000 a month!  Then of course you have his auto lease, credit cards, office space and a few other things I don’t remember off-hand.   And of course that isn’t counting his monthly distribution, which ranges from $15 – 22K.  That has to seriously go down too.  I don’t know how he[‘s going to do it, because I’ve seen his monthly personal expenses and it’s pretty high.  Anyway, welcome to life as the rest of us have to live it boss!

In other news, I finally bought a pedometer.  If it’s correct, my evening walks are about 2.30 miles!  I didn’t think it would be that much, but it is.  I was pretty happy about that.  I’m participating in the Mercedes Benz Corporate Run this year with my friend Lisa again, and I’d like to not come close to death like I did last year.  Oy, there was a moment during the run (walk as we did it) when I thought I wouldn’t make it.  My body was just not happy.  Hopefully, by the end of the week I can maybe add a little more distance to my walk.  I wish I had a small tread-mill.  Something I could store.  It’s getting fucking hot even if I’m doing the walking in the evening.

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