It's all uphill from here.

It’s no secret to those that know me that I’m on a few online dating sites.   And that I’ve had my share of strange experiences and meetings. Let’s face it, I’ve met a lot of weirdos.  The guy I met last Friday was certainly no different.  In his profile he seemed like a nice, normal guy.  No kids, has his own business, his own home and an adorable Shih-Tzu who he adores.  I thought, wow, I hit the jackpot!  He also wasn’t unattractive either.

We decided to meet at Chili’s, just about a mile up the road from me.  So, I decided I’d meet him around 6ish and hang with him for about an hour, using the excuse of having to babysit for a friend if I needed an out.

When I walked into the Chili’s I texted him to see if he was there, and he was.  My first impression, he was shorter than his profile had said.  Okay, no biggie.  Men sometimes stretch the truth when it comes to their height, especially if they aren’t taller than 5’6″, which this guy wasn’t.  He introduced me to two women who were his friends, and we sat at the bar.  I began to notice, first he was looking at his phone way too much.  Not just looking, but texting.  Which I thought was unbelievably rude.  But, I let it slide.

Now, let me say this one thing about myself, I am not a touchy feeling person.  Especially with someone I’ve just met.  During out previous text conversations, he would keep calling me mami, which I get is a term of endearment, and that’s okay with me, I’ve got no problem with that.  But, he also kept sending me kisses and sending me these “coupons” for a big sloppy wet kiss.  Um…’scuse me?

He kept asking me if I liked him and that I was an enigma to him.  He said he was a super affectionate guy, and that he liked to show his affection.  I said, I was affectionate too, but I had just met him, and he could not expect me to be hanging all over him from the get go.  At one point, I guess my apprehension at sitting on his lap, which it seemed he would have preferred really bothered him and he started telling me he’s never had to work so hard at getting attention from a woman as he has with me.  He also told me he could call all the women who would love nothing more than a little bit of his attention and the line would be out to the parking lot, and isn’t it just funny how life is that you always want the ones that don’t care.

Holy flaming shit torch Batman!  I just sat there thinking, this guy’s nuts!  He has self-esteem issues or he’s super insecure or something is seriously fucking dislocated in his brain.  At 7:30 I decided I’d had enough and said I had to get going.  He asked me to text him when I got home.  I got home, texted him, just so he couldn’t say I didn’t care and he worried about me blah blah blah…

With that done, I watched some TV and went to bed with the gang.   I got up early Saturday morning, and went to a boot camp I’d been invited to.  I was pretty excited about it and since I’m trying to focus on getting to a healthy and comfortable weight, I thought this would be a good thing to do to really get me started for more serious work-outs.  Word of advice, don’t eat a power bar and OJ while driving to the boot camp and do not do 50 jumping jacks with said power bar and OJ fermenting in your tummy.

Yes, I nearly passed out and I threw up on the side walk in front of the next door shop. Oy! Luckily, the owner of the gym is a wonderful lady, and she helped me through it.  After a few minutes, I felt good enough to get up, go inside, rinse my mouth out and got on the treadmill to walk it off. The rest of my workout was low key, but I have to say, I’m happy I actually finished and I felt really good after it was all done.  On the way home, I bought a pumpernickel bagel with hummus and that’s pretty much all I ate until about 2:00.   On my way home, I also texted the weirdo and asked if he wanted to have lunch on Sunday.   I wanted to sit somewhere nice and quiet and talk to him a little more, and see if maybe I’d been wrong.  Oh, and by the way, since the Chili’s was his usual hang out spot and he had so many friends there, I wanted a place where he wasn’t so safe.  That’s another thing I thought was in a bit bad taste.  To make me meet him where he knew everyone, and I knew no one.

So, Sunday came and I woke up early to rearrange the gangs litter boxes and their location.  Maks has ruined the wood litter box cabinet I had under the stairs by peeing on it’s walls and it was getting impossible to keep clean.   I decided since they had no issues with covered boxes, I bought 3.  I put two under the stairs, separated then with a bookcase, just so they weren’t so close to each other, and I replaced the box in my bathroom upstairs, since Maks had also baptized the walls there too.  I was able to take the one out of the kitchen, so it gives me a little more space in there.  It took me a little over an hour, but I got everything done, then took a shower and sat on the couch to relax.

I never heard back about lunch, so I just stayed home.  At around 5:00 pm I texted the guy and asked him how his Sunday was.  He texted me back that it was nice and relaxing.  I texted him back that I guessed he hadn’t been interested in lunch, and the nimrod told me that since I hadn’t texted him he thought I’d changed my mind.  Okay, are you fucking kidding me?

Here’s what I’m thinking.  He got my text the day before, and felt it unnecessary to text me back and say yes or no.  Then he expected me to text him in Sunday to confirm?  I can’t confirm if I don’t even know you are interested asshole.  I was starting to get the feeling he was doing this because he wanted me to chase after him, since he’d already felt like I wasn’t as interested as I should be in his head.  No dude, I’m 42 and I’m not in high school.  I want to find someone to share my life with, I’m not looking for some insecure dipshit who wants me to chase after him.

So as it stands now I’m done texting him.  If he gets in touch with me I’ll feel the situation out, but I have a feeling this is going to go nowhere.  And you know what?  I’m fine with that.  Right now, I’m focused on saving some money, and getting myself into somewhat decent shape.  If I meet someone else fine, if not, fine.

It’s raining now, but I hope it doesn’t last all day.  I’d like to go walking later when I get home, and I’m hopefully going to get the pet stroller I ordered, so I’m looking forward to having some kitty company along.

I’m not going to get discouraged…it’s all uphill from here. 🙂