Starting a new day.

My best friend, Lisa, works for Assurant Insurance and every year they participate in a corporate run. Last year I walked it in a little over an hour. This year though, I’ve decided I don’t want to drop dead, like I damn near did last year, and I’ve started walking around my neighborhood. I started last night. About the only thing I like about this time change is it’s still light out for a few hours after I come home. I walked for about 45 minutes. I took my time because I haven’t done any exercise in AGES, so I want to ease into it. I also decided since I’ve committed to doing some walking, I’d get this:

I figured, since I’m getting out I may as well see if my cats will enjoy getting out of the apartment and seeing the outside. I just hope once I get one of them in there, they don’t freak out.

2 thoughts on “Starting a new day.

  1. I’m glad you are starting walk, i’m might to the Corporate Run as well. I plan to join the Baptist Hospital Group! How much do one of those stroller cost. How many cats can you put in there. I do think the cats might get crazy in there! LOL


    • Oh cool. You’ll probably run it, since you’re in way better shape than me. LOL

      Well, I got that stroller for around $50 on ebay. That’s including shipping. It is only for up to 30 pounds. It looks big but I may only be able to put one comfortably in there, maybe two. I think Vlad might enjoy it, and maybe Czari, the one that was outside.

      I need to buy a pedometer and a new little mp3 player. The one I had broke! I must have looked like a crazy woman singing to myself as I walked!


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