Life Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated. I’m using Facebook a lot more. It’s just easier to post there. But, I figured I need to get myself back in blogging mode.

Work is giving me a bit of stress. Only because we’ve lost 3 clients and are trying very hard to keep our biggest client. They don’t want to let us go, but the union that their employees belong to wants to take over administration of their health insurance by creating a plan of their own. I’m hoping we will be able to keep them because if not, things are going to be really tight around here where money is concerned. I remain optimistic though.

The gang are doing well. Vlad celebrated his 3rd birthday at the end of February. It’s hard to believe he’s been with me 3 years! Oksana is next, she’ll be 3 in April, and then Maks and Kiska in August. Czarina is the only one who isn’t 3. She’s around 5 now and will be 6 in December, that’s when I celebrate her birthday.

On the social life front, I’ve been pretty damned popular on one of my dating sites. I’m averaging a new guy contacting me about once a week.

I met with one guy, Erik, who was really nice. He is also a cat lover and when we met for lunch it was nice that we both talked endlessly about our cats without worrying about looking strange. The one problem with him is, he’s got the Porky Pig speech impediment. Half the time he seemed to be speaking jibberish and the other half of the time I kept wanting to finish his sentences. It was hard to carry on a conversation because I didn’t get a lot of what he was saying. It may sound shallow, but honestly, by the time we finished our meeting my nerves were on high alert. I have anxiety issues and being around this guy would not work for me. I have to think this is why he never called me. We were emailing for about 2 weeks and even though I gave him my phone number, he never called me, so I’m thinking this is why.

I also met another guy, Chuck. We met for coffee last week. Nice guy. Shorter than what he said on his profile, but has a good sarcastic sense of humor. I met with him even though I got the feeling he was just pushing a little too fast. We were supposed to have dinner yesterday, but he called me in the afternoon and said he couldn’t. Something about doing tests for a hernia operation he’s having Friday. Don’t know what to think about that. I know, I’m too suspicious, but sometimes with good reason.

Guy #3 I’m meeting this Saturday morning. I’ve seen him on other dating sites, and he even contacted me once, but I never heard from him after that initial contact. Last week he emailed me and said he really wanted to meet me. We’ve emailed a few times and I’m definitely interested. He has two cats, so I know he likes cats at least. I had another guy contact me, who I was going to meet for lunch during the week, only to find out he was allergic to cats! I have 5 cats, why even bother contacting me if your allergic?

Anywho, I’m looking forward to finally meeting guy #3, whose name is Jim.

That’s about all going on with me. I’m still looking for a sofa and dining table. For some reason Salvation Army insists on pricing their usedgiventothemforfree furniture like it was new, so I’ve had no luck there. I’m keeping my eye open though.

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